Thursday, April 8, 2010

Someone asked me today what my criteria for a boyfriend was, & she listed off what hers was.
Most of them were not serious, but hilarious nonetheless.. it got me brainstorming.
So, i suppose this is mine:

- Must be nice ( I just realised that this needs to be on top of the list, several days later)
- Can't sleep with anyone else while we're dating ( it seems a bit crazy that I actually have to put that out there, but atleast if I clarify .. it wont happen again.)
- Can't be over 40. Actually, scratch that.. Cant be over 34.( 34 seems like a good, solid age to be a cut off, right?)
- Must be able to put up with the fact I WILL spill food &/or drink everywhere & anywhere.
- Not get embaressed when I laugh so hard that I snort( it happens alot)
- Must be into making blanket forts. Yes, I'm serious.
- Must not be an Aries. Frealz.
- Will not make me go on rollercoasters or anything to do with heights. .& if he does, put up with the fact that I WILL have a mental breakdown.
- Must love my dog Honda, as much as I do.
- Must be able to sit through "Total Recall" & quote the movie with my dad & I.
- Must be able to deal with the fact that I have freak outs at night, & will probably call at unruley times of night for a need to be calmed down.
- His favorite kind of beer needs to be PBR.
- He probably shouldn't check out girls in front of me. And if he does, be alright with the fact that I'm gunna smack him upside the head.
- Have facial tattoos( sorry dad)
-Preferably from Jersey ( thanks Chris & Katie, glad you guys got my back on this one)
- Be okay with the fact that I will someday have facial tattoo's and it may or may not read " LA"
- Must be a terrible dancer, but loves dancing anyways
- Wont get so drunk that he throws up all over himself, & then lies about it.
- Makes me laugh so hard that my face is sore.
- Preferably not in a band- I haven't had much luck in that department so far.
-Doesn't look at himself in the mirror, more than he looks at me.
- Not tell me that he wants to marry me & move to a forest.
- Can't be a dirtbag.

So, I just noticed that this list is basically a huge mix of what all my ex boyfriends have done wrong.

Stay tuned.. this list will get bigger & better.


  1. Facial Tattoos, LA facial Tattoos... man you are seeking a quality man.

  2. I figured I would switch up my standards, because nothing else was working for me.

    I only want the best nowadays